About Us

From The Beginning .  .  .

      The Board of Directors of the Hawaii Boating & Fishing Association was established to guide and direct the efforts of our membership to effect real change at Honokohau Harbor and other harbors and ocean facilities throughout our island.  These facilities have been neglected by the State of Hawaii through its boards, such as DOBOR, its officials, and its many facility employees. 

       The harbors continue to be steeped in decay, unacceptably maintained, with ineffective management who seek to continue to increase user fees to support everything but our harbors and ocean facilities.  The government seems to have forgotten that our ocean facilities are a way of life for many, a destination for all the ocean loving people of Hawaii, and a unique resource for our visitors and tourists upon whom we all depend.

         Over the past three years,  your Board has been dedicated and committed to advocating for much needed changes at the harbor. We have been successful in getting several overdue maintenance projects started.  Some have been completed and others are under contract and scheduled. 

            We have more work to do.  Government doesn't move without being constantly pushed.  We need your help in many ways, and we need your financial support.  Please contact us and share your thoughts and experiences.  We need your help as volunteers in several areas.  Your Board are volunteers who contribute endless hours, cash and in kind services.  Please join us in our efforts to lift Honokohau Small Boat Harbor to a higher standard that will be of benefit to us all.  Click the "Marina Presentation" tab on the left for an insight into our motivation.

HAWAII FISHING & BOATING ASSOCIATION                                                PO Box 1554    Kailua Kona, HI 96745